Which Photos Should Sugar Baby Use on Sugar Daddy Websites?

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How long have you been looking for a sugar daddy? Have you been on a sugar daddy website for months while out of contact from any sugar daddies? If yes, time for you to improve your profile now. You’ve heard the old adage: “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” So we are going to show you some tips for choosing photos.

High-quality photo with face

There is one thing that has no dispute – a clear and high-quality photo. That means a photo that is unblurred, unfuzzed and unblocked. It’s true you all love filters to make you look better. But the real you will be preferred by your sugar daddy. Make sure sugar daddies can see your face in the picture. Believe it or not, 8 out of 10 sugar daddies want to see your face. And if there is no face, they just ignore and move to the next.

Full body photo

A full body photo matters as well as showing your face when it comes to sugar daddy dating. You need one clear full body photo on your profile photo gallery. This does not mean you should wear a bikini. You can wear anything you like as long as your sugar daddy can learn your figure and size with this full body photo.

If you are uncomfortable posting a full body shot in public, then set it to private and selectively choose who gets to see them. Many sugar daddy websites do provide this kind of feature to their members.

Decide how much to expose

There are many different perspectives of sugar daddy’s on what a good photo profile will be like. Some prefer photos as sexy as it can be, while some are not. Think about what kind of sugar daddy you want to attract. Then this will not be a question any more.

You are not a prostitute. If you don’t want a sugar daddy who only asks for skin and sex, then don’t show a picture with too much skin out. Don’t let them treat you like a hooker.

Keep update your photo gallery

Use your recent photo and keep update your photo. Include with multiple angles pictures in your photo gallery so there will be no surprises out of the sugar daddy websites to meet in person. Also, you’d better not use group photos as it’s not a guessing game.

You spend hours crafting your personal profile on sugar daddy websites, so spend some extra time choosing the perfect picture to perfect your profile. When you have the right photos, your chance o find a sugar daddy get higher.

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